War is cruel

By Strato Gears

SGD $45.00

The story behind this patch


Conceptualize back in Feb 2018.

Not all men are a cut to be a soldier fighting on the front line. It takes a lot of courage to do so.

We are basically cruel and brutal. Whenever we get into an opportunity, in the shape of a war, we jump to show our true colors...

For Daddies up on the front line, you leave your family behind with a heavy heart. Defending your country against the aggressors.and fight to survive to reunite with your family. Regardless you lose an arm, a leg or wheelchair bound. You pick up yourself and make it home because your family is waiting there for you...


Patch construction

  • 9 cm x 8 cm 
  • Approximately 19K stitches
  • hook backing
  • 60 pieces made
  • designed by THree6ZERO SPYworKs
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