Liberty Green

By Strato Gears

SGD $225.00

 About Us:

Cody and Shawn are the Knifeguys. Their passion goes beyond knives with their love for Everyday Carry (EDC) items and gear.  The are the creators of the Tipsy Turtle and BrewMan key-chain tools.  

The Tipsy Turtle (full size) is a bottle opener and hex bit holder. Some runs may vary. They are never created with the intent to be used as a weapon of any sort.   Any use other than stated is the sole responsibility of the buyer, and KnifeGuys / STRATO GEARS cannot be held responsible for any improper use

STRATO GEARS is the official partner of Knifeguys in Singapore.


Product Description:

Finish: Liberty

Metal: 3/16 Titanium


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