Kiloniner FR1 Respirator Mask - Grey

By Strato Gears

SGD $29.90

Product Description

Cool and fashionable! Kiloniner is the new FR1 Respirator Mask, a mask designed by Shemagh that groans military gear enthusiasts.

Kiloniner's "FR1 Respirator Mask" uses a replaceable military-grade activated carbon filter. Blocks pollen, pet dandruff, dust, exhaust gas, particles such as bacteria.

The point is that you can breathe easier with the ventilation valve. When inhaling, clean air that has passed through the activated carbon filter is taken in, and when exhausting, the ventilation valve prevents moisture and carbon dioxide from accumulating in the mask, reducing the cloudiness of glasses and goggles.

The mask body comes with 4 replaceable PM2.5 compatible military-grade activated carbon filters.

The mask body can be washed and used repeatedly.

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