By Strato Gears

SGD $200.00 $365.00


1. Oxford Fabric: Colours of Black and Wolf Gray. Oxford has Polyurethane (PU) coating within the fabric to provide water and wind-resistance as well as to prevent accumulation of dirt between fibers. It will also get softer after every use/wash. Recommendation of not really abusing it as a water repellent fabric, as the fabric is not thick enough to withstand water downpour, a slight splash is the harshest it could get. though Oxford is abrasive proof by characteristics, recommendation is to take care of the bag as it will eventually torn once it is abused intentionally.

2. Tiger Strip Fabric: This Fabric is made of Polyurethane (PU) (60-80%) and Cotton (20-40%). Water repellent for light rains, and the thickest of the 3 fabrics. This Fabric is also ripstop, which has vertical and horizontal stitching, reinforcing the fabric itself, making it more stronger, and could take light to medium abuse when doing fieldwork or operations. though tough by characteristics, this is still fabric, and will definitely rot and without proper care, fabric might get torn, ripstop is not slash proof.

Enclosures: Yoshida Kōgyō Kabushiki or YKK, Genuine and Original

1. Zippers: No. 5 (size) made with brass teeth, will not rust
2. Sliders: No. 5 (size) Made with brass, will not rust
3. Key Hook: durable plastic keyhook to secure your keys inside the pocket

Brass and Steel Hardware:

1. 2 D Rings
2. 2 Snap Shackles for the Straps
3. 1 Adjuster For the Straps


1. Bag is installed with durable Velcro to attach moral patches. Bag ha a Molle feature, to customize the bag with other compatible pouches. All Bags has gray lining form the inside.
2. The Bag has a expansion feature that can accommodate more stuff, when needed.
3. Dimension of the bag: 14" L x 16" H x 3" D (Compact mode) and 6" D (from the bottom when expanded)
4. A Spade tag in front over the flap and "Strato Gears" text/logo embroidered inside the pack on a zipped pocket.

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