BEER SG V15 - Hibernator GITD (LE)

By Strato Gears

SGD $45.00

The story behind this patch

Limit: 1 piece per person

Many thanks to your support on the BEER SG series since 2016. It's been a long 3 years of waiting and finally we are here to complete the series.

In case, you are wondering why it is call BEER SG; here it goes...

When a BEAR meets a DEER, an equation forms BEER. SG stands for STRATO GEARS.

- Odd number versions are limited edition.
- V1 has only 20 pieces made back in 2016 and the only version that had no GITD.
- V1 & 14 are the only versions have no BEER SG mug.
- V2 is the only version that smile.


Patch construction

  • 10 cm x 8.5 cm 
  • 20 pieces made
  • hook backing
  • Limited edition
  • Glow In the Dark
  • designed by THree6ZERO SPYworKs
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